Rural Transit - About Us - Erie County, NY

About Us

Rural Transit Service is a non-profit transportation organization.  Rural Transit Service provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation to seniors, low income and disabled clients to allow them to maintain a happier, healthier more independent lifestyle and heighten involvement in the community.  Eligible residents are transported to dialysis clinics, medical offices, physical therapy, pharmacies, colleges, work places, nutrition sites, adult day cares, grocery stores, banks, salons/barbers, etc., with medical trips taking priority.

Rural Transit’s success is predicated on the commitment of their volunteers, including drivers, dispatchers and driver aides; providing the transportation and scheduling.  In twenty five years, due to the increasing need, Rural Transit has expanded its service area from two towns, with approximately one dozen volunteers to twenty five municipalities throughout Erie County with the help of over one hundred thirty volunteers and the need continues.

Why RTS?

Transportation is taken for granted by most, but it is difficult for many seniors, disabled and low/moderate income individuals to go places.  As the senior population in Erie County increases many individuals have found themselves trapped in situations where transportation is desperately needed.  Imagine life after a spouse passes away.  Children move away or work all day.  Many of us will be forced to give up our driver’s license due to failing sight or other medical reasons.  Many individuals cannot afford to own a vehicle.  For these reasons and more food, medicine and groceries become a necessity that is not easily obtainable.  Rural Transit gives independence to its riders and provides them with the opportunity to leave home safely.

We run on an exceptionally low operating budget, and our clients are not required to contribute for our services provided, although donations are accepted and encouraged.

Rural Transit Service's biggest accomplishment is that we are totally volunteer driven!  Many residents volunteer to drive, dispatch or ride as a driver’s aides.

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