Rural Transit - Ridership - Erie County, NY


Rural Transit Service (RTS) will provide affordable, safe, and reliable transportation to eligible residents to destinations which allow them to maintain a happier, healthier and more independent lifestyle in the hopes to heighten involvement in the community. Eligible residents may be transported to: medical offices, dialysis clinics, physical therapy, pharmacies, colleges, work places, nutrition sites, adult day cares, grocery stores, farmers markets, banks, salons/barbers, senior centers, etc., with medical trips taking priority.


“I have been able to shop and visit my doctor’s which I would not be able to since I had to give up driving due to poor eyesight.”
- Charlotte from Clarence

"All my social life depends on Rural Transit Service. I also count on them for medical issues and other personal care. I would have to stay home in my one room living facility looking out the window. Rural Transit Service helps take the place of not being able to take care of my needs by myself."
- Voiced Winnie of Orchard Park, a Rural Transit Service client for 10+ years.